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August 2014

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Soaring like a Bird
Flying with Antilles Helicopter Services

Story by Daniel Mejía

The Beauty of the British Virgin Islands has been filling visitors with awe for a long time. Green mountains stand out sharply from the immense blue ocean dotted with sailboats. How amazing would it be to appreciate everything from above, like a bird? I remember discussing this with a neighbor of mine who was giving me a ride from Cane Garden Bay to town once. As fate would have it, that same day I got the chance to meet Ricky Dos Santos, owner of Antilles Helicopter Services. As soon as we met, I mentioned how much I envied the view from his "work place." He smiled and offered to take me around in the helicopter some time, "You won't be disappointed," he said in a friendly manner. I barely knew him at the time so I wasn't about to hold him to his promise so I laughed and forgot about it. Fortunately for me Ricky was serious in his offer. ...Read More

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August-September 2014
– Vol. 43, No. 5 –
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