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July 2015

Sage Mountain Nation Park

Photo: Jason Smith

Sage Mountain National Park


This Tropical Forest offers a Glimpse into Tortola’s Primordial Past

By Claudia Colli

The Virgin Islands may be the land of sea, sand and sun, but no trip here would be complete without an excursion to Sage Mountain National Park. Cool and shady this park offers a refuge from the tropical heat and a glimpse into the islands’ primordial past.
That’s the way I feel whenever I walk through this majestic collection of mahoganies and banyans, cedars and turpentines. The forest floor is covered in lacy ferns and large boulders are blanketed in velvety moss. Although much of the forest is second growth, the heart of the park is so lush and overgrown, you would think you were transported to the time when the islands’ first Amerindian inhabitants dwelled on this cluster of Caribbean isles.

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June-July 2015
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