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October 2015

The Baths

The Baths (photo by Jason Smith)

The Baths


Described by some as the Eighth Wonder of the World, The Baths are the Virgin Islands' premier natural attraction

By Claudia Colli

Although I live in the BVI year-round, I always look forward to a trip to The Baths. Maybe it’s the child in me; who can resist an adventure? Located on the edge of the sea and several stories high, these precariously balanced boulders form a labyrinth of water-filled grottoes that are made for exploring. But there is also the nature lover in me, awed by this majestic work of natural art. With its shafts of filtered light, the main chamber is reminiscent of a cathedral vault, while the surface of the boulders, etched by the weather and flecked with many hues of algae, is like a modern painting.

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October-November 2015
– Vol. 44, No. 6 –
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