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November 2015

The Good Life

Photo Tony Sweeting

The Good Life


In 1962 there was but one paved road on Tortola and the dentist was named Dr. Hurt

By Tony Sweeting

My first experience of living the good life was when I joined an overseas British bank and my first posting was for three years to Nassau, the Bahamas in 1957. In those days Nassau was the exclusive haunt of European royalty, aristocrats and millionaires mostly from North America and Canada, and in the 1950s celebrity really meant something – not just being on television for five minutes. So in 1960 when my three years was up and I had to return to London I was told that my next job would be in West Africa. My response was, "Thanks, but no thanks."

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Exploring The Islands

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October-November 2015
– Vol. 44, No. 6 –
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