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April 2015

Bare-necked Birding

Photo: Susan Zaluski

Bare-necked Birding


Meeting The BVI Land Birds

By Susan Zaluski

Bare-naked birding, as you may be relieved (or disappointed) to find out, has nothing to do with clothing. Instead, bare-naked birding refers to bird watching without the aid of binoculars or other ocular equipment, using your eyes and ears as your only instruments. Bird-watching with your naked eye can be a rewarding and an entirely pleasant way to immerse yourself in the BVI's natural world. Even unaided, our senses can be an amazing tool for wildlife watching and sometimes without binoculars, people focus more attentively on birdlife. And if you're new to bird-watching, it's unlikely that you packed a pair of binoculars in your suitcase, giving you no excuses not to "go naked".

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Exploring The Islands

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April-May 2015
– Vol. 44, No. 3 –
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