Augusta Precious Metals Review 2023 – Legit Company Or A Scam?

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Thank you for visiting our Augusta Precious Metals review 2023. Augusta’s gold IRAs, complaints, ratings, IRA fees, buy-back program, pros & cons, Joe Montana’s link to the company, Mr. Steele’s webinar as a Harvard-trained economist, and other topics have all been covered in this review.

Most Trusted Gold IRA Company Overall
Augusta Precious Metals


If you do not wish to read the full article, let us start with a quick summary of our Augusta Precious Metals review:

Augusta Precious Metals Review: Summary

We think Augusta Precious Metals definitely deserves its reputation as one of the greatest and most reliable gold IRA providers in the US.

First of all,  they have hundreds of excellent ratings on reputable websites like the BBB and BCA, TrustLink, and other popular watchdog sites. They also have an A+ rating from the BBB, and a AAA rating from the BCA. Additionally, Augusta has won “Best of TrustLink” for 6 consecutive years and was named the “Best Overall” Gold IRA Company by Money magazine in 2022.

Augusta is also supported by famous people like Mark Levin and multimillionaire and Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana. Mr. Montana asked his personal financial team to find the best gold IRA company, and they found Augusta for him.

What is particularly noteworthy is that the business provides the most original method of client education through its private, one-on-one web conferences created by in-house economist Devlyn Steele, a Harvard-trained economist.

Finally, Augusta Precious Metals has a smooth process for making your gold IRA rollover or transfer simple and stress-free. Best of all, the company provides ZERO costs for a period of up to 10 years (every customer is eligible).

Current Promotions

With that said, let’s now examine Augusta Precious Metals in more detail!

Augusta Precious Metals

5830 East 2nd Street
Casper, WY 82609
Tel: +1 855-222-6993

Products Available:

Introduction: Augusta Precious Metals Review

As Americans rush to invest their retirement funds in precious metals in 2022 and 2023, gold IRA investment firms seem to be appearing everywhere. In a similar way, Augusta Precious Metals is one of many gold IRA businesses vying for your business.

But is Augusta Precious Metals legitimate?

In this in-depth Augusta Precious Metals review 2023, we will peel back the curtain and review the company’s history, fee structure, popular IRA eligible gold and silver coins, complaints and ratings, storage options, buy-back program, and much more.

In other words, pretty much everything we can dig up on this gold and silver firm so that you can make the best choice for your hard-earned savings.

In light of this, you ought to think about investing in physical gold and silver if you’re seeking for a resource that will protect your funds from a financial crisis, and at the same time, diversify your financial resources.

With that brief introduction, let us move on to the crucial part of this Augusta Precious Metals review, namely what customers say about Augusta.

Augusta Precious Metals Reviews And Ratings


Awesome Personal & Educational Approach—No Pressure

“Awesome experience. One on one and personal approach. No pressure just provided education.”

Robert J.

Reviewed on: April 12, 2023


Very Nice People, Quick Response Every Step-You Will Be Pleased

“Everyone whom we spoke with at Augusta Precious Metals were super helpful in answering questions and working with us every step of the way to get an account set up and established. Very nice group of people to work with, and they are very quick to respond to any questions you may have. Getting my account set up was truly an easy process with the help and step by step instructions they walk you through. I feel we made the correct decision on choosing this company to work with and look forward to having them work with us in the future. I would recommend anyone looking to purchase precious metals to give these folks a call. I think you will be pleased with the services they offer to help you achieve your goals. “

Jacqueline B.

Reviewed on: Mar 29, 2023

Another area where Augusta Precious Metals excels is in its online reputation. Disgruntled clients can easily go online in today’s digital age and post bad reviews all over the internet.

But we’re pleased to say that Augusta Precious Metals has received overwhelmingly good feedback.

As mentioned, the company has thousands of top ratings. They also have hundreds of top reviews with trusted sites like BBB, BCA, TrustLink, and others.

For one, Augusta Precious Metals has an A+ BBB rating on the Better Business Bureau. Plus, they have an average of 4.97 out of 5 stars based on 121 customer reviews

  • Second, the company has a AAA rating with the BCA and a 5 out of 5 star-rating based on 96 client reviews
  • And they have a 5 out of 5 star-rating on TrustLink based on 285 customer reviews
  • Augusta also has a 4.9 out of 5 star-rating on ConsumerAffairs based on 133 customer reviews
  • And a 4.9 out of 5 star-rating on Google based on 312 customer reviews
  • Lastly, they have a 4.8 out of 5 star-rating on Facebook based on 126 reviews

Augusta Precious Metals Complaints

As you can see, we have generally had great things to say about Augusta Precious Metals. And it’s very unusual that the business has received ZERO complaints from the BBB and BCA.

The one complaint we have against Isaac Nuriani’s company is that their account minimum for opening a new gold IRA is $50,000. In contrast to this high account minimum, there are gold IRA companies in the market willing to work with new customers with accounts as low as $10,000.

So, this $50K minimum may disqualify some Americans from working with their team.

What Is Augusta Precious Metals?

Augusta Precious Metals was launched in 2012 by founder and CEO Isaac Nuriani.

Endorsed by Mark Levin and Joe Montana, Augusta Precious Metals aims to be every investor’s one-stop shop when it comes to precious metal investing.

The company is headquartered in Casper, Wyoming, and specializes in facilitating gold IRAs for customers across the United States.

In their 11 years of serving American retirement accounts, they have established themselves as a trusted leader in the gold IRA market. They have received high customer ratings and positive reviews on consumer watchdog websites, reflecting their strong reputation.

Additionally, they also hold an A+ by the BBB and an AAA rating by the BCA. In fact, the company acts as a “protector” of the industry with a variety of materials to help consumers, such as “Avoid Gold IRA Dealer Lies, Gimmicks & High Pressure Tactics” and “What is Stagflation?” as a warning for what to watch out for and as education.

Isaac Nuriani claims that his business’s main priorities are “account lifetime support” and customer education beyond the initial transaction. It appears that their priority is developing enduring, close relationships with their clients rather than producing a huge amount of sales.

This strategy makes sense because content consumers submit favorable reviews. For example, here is an evaluation from Brian Pannebecker, one of Augusta Precious Metals’ contented clients:

Note: *Augusta thanks customers for reviews with a free silver coin.

Augusta’s Special Additions

Augusta has some special additions up its sleeve that are unique to the company.

Web Conference By Harvard-Trained Economist Devlyn Steele & His Team

Augusta offers a unique approach to educational web conferences with potential customers. Upon requesting the free gold IRA investor kit from their website, you will be contacted by a representative to set up a 45-minute presentation.

This interactive session with on-staff Harvard-trained economist Devlyn Steele – the company’s director of education allows you to view a presentation and directly ask questions to an Augusta educator.

It’s an excellent opportunity to gain insights on the economy and learn how diversification with precious metals works. This personal educational web conference sets Augusta apart from other gold IRA companies, making them a standout choice.

Let’s now take a look at what Joe Montana has to do with Augusta Precious Metals.

Joe Montana & Augusta Precious Metals

You might be wondering what Joe Montana has to do with Augusta Precious Metals. So, let’s discuss the relationship between Joe Montana and Augusta Precious Metals.

A few years ago, Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana began the search for a precious metals company. He tasked his personal financial team with finding the best gold IRA company in the US to invest safely with.

It is not unexpected that they only had one name to give: Augusta Precious Metals. Joe Montana started investigating Augusta Precious Metals more closely because he trusted his advisers.

As with many of Augusta’s clients, Mr. Montana decided to become a client after the web conference with Devon Steele. Joe Montana made the decision that he was so in love with Augusta’s purpose that he would also serve as its corporate ambassador.

Consequently, you will see Joe Montana endorsing Augusta Precious Metals in their online advertisements and promotional materials, like in this short video:

To recap, here are some benefits of working with Augusta Precious Metals:

  • Money Magazine’s “Best Overall” Gold IRA Company in 2022
  • Investopedia’s “Most Transparent” Gold IRA Company in 2022
  • A+ BBB rating and AAA rating from Business Consumer Alliance
  • Free guide on how to avoid gimmicks & high-pressure tactics used by gold IRA companies
  • ZERO fees for up to 10 years – every customer qualifies
  • Quarterback Joe Montana and his financial team chose Augusta over others
  • One-on-one web conferences by Harvard-trained economic analyst

Augusta’s Products And Services

Now that you know more about the company’s history and partners, let us look at Augusta’s products and services next.

1. Precious Metals IRAs

As we have noted, Augusta specializes in facilitating gold and silver IRAs. They offer an easy and stress-free IRA setup process, where they will do 95% of the paperwork with you and walk you through each step.

Here is how their simple 3-step precious metals IRA setup process works:

As simple as that!

And the precious metals IRA agents at Augusta will ensure that the entire process is done in compliance with the IRS tax rules. If you want to learn more about gold IRAs, you can watch this educational video: What Is a gold IRA?

What Is A Gold IRA?

2. Non-IRA Precious Metals (Cash Account)

While Augusta Precious Metals specializes in providing gold and silver for IRAs, you can also purchase non-IRA metals from Augusta in what is called a cash account.

After creating your cash account and transferring your funds, a precious metals specialist at Augusta will help you select your metals.

The investment minimum of cash sales is just like their gold IRA, $50,000. On a positive note, they offer free shipping for your metals and they will be delivered home to you in 3-10 business days.

For more information, you can watch this video on how to buy gold and silver with cash.

Additionally, for lower cash purchases, we recommend either GoldcoBirch Gold GroupAmerican Hartford Gold or Noble Gold. As well as BullionVault for gold and silver trading.

For investments in cryptocurrencies or digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, we currently recommend BitIRA.

Two Different Principal Types Of Gold IRAs

To provide you with as much information as possible in this Augusta Precious Metals review, we also want to walk you through the two types of gold IRAs available:

1. Traditional-Based Gold IRA

With a traditional IRA, the contributions you make are tax-deductible (subject to income limitations). When you start taking distributions from your gold IRA, the amounts withdrawn are taxable as ordinary income. And you can start taking distributions without penalty when you are age 59½.

Traditional IRAs may be good choices for those individuals who anticipate finding themselves in a lower tax bracket once they reach retirement.

That way, they can realize tax benefits from their contributions during higher-bracket working years and pay taxes at a lower rate on withdrawals once they retire.

Note that a traditional IRA – including a traditional gold IRA – comes with a required minimum distribution (RMD) mandate. This means that you must begin taking annual distributions from your IRA starting at the age of 72.

2. Roth-Based Gold IRA

In contrast to a traditional IRA, with a Roth gold IRA, the contributions you make are NOT tax-deductible. This means there is no tax benefit generated from your account contributions that you will enjoy during your working years.

However, when you make withdrawals from your Roth IRA, you do not have to pay taxes on the distributions as you do with a traditional IRA.

Roth IRAs may be a prudent account choice for those individuals who believe the tax bracket they’re in during their working years is lower than the one they’ll be in once they retire.

They will not receive a tax benefit from their contributions while they’re still working, but they won’t pay taxes at all on their withdrawals during retirement when they’re in a higher tax bracket.

Additionally, there is no required minimum distribution feature for a Roth IRA. Something else to be aware of: As of 2023, your modified adjusted gross income must be less than $153,000 in order to contribute to a Roth IRA.

Please be aware that the guidelines presented here for both traditional and Roth IRAs are very broad. Before choosing between a traditional and Roth IRA, you should consult with your tax advisor to ensure you’re making the best decision on behalf of your own particular tax profile.

Who Is Augusta Precious Metals Best For?

Augusta is a great choice for many types of investors, including those who:

  • Want to diversify parts of their 401(k), TSP, or similar retirement account with gold, silver, or other precious metals.
  • Want to own a physical asset. Unlike companies that could go under at any moment, precious metals has been and will be around forever. So, if you want a tangible asset in your investment portfolio that will never lose all its value, precious metals should be your choice.
  • Investors who want to protect their wealth from stock market volatility and inflation. If the stock market makes you a little queasy, you should minimize your risk and diversify your investment portfolio with precious metals. Typically, gold and silver tend to move in the opposite direction of traditional securities. That way, when the market is tanking, gold and silver can help you ride out the cycle until things start to swing back up.
  • People who are nearing retirement and fear another recession or stagflation. For example, the economic crisis in 2008 and the recession that’s predicted to happen in 2023. Precious metals may add stability when you need it the most and can serve as financial insurance.

Is It Safe To Work With Augusta?

Augusta Precious Metals, an esteemed company, offers a secure investment opportunity for investors. With over a decade of experience in helping Americans diversify their retirement savings and numerous 5-star reviews on consumer watchdog sites, Augusta’s gold IRA is a safe investment.

But that’s not all.

Firstly, Augusta provides personalized assistance throughout the process of setting up your new IRA, guided by a dedicated precious metals IRA professional.

Secondly, your precious metals investments are securely stored with the depository of your choice, similar to any other IRA asset. Augusta cooperates with trusted gold IRA custodians who specialize in administering physical precious metals retirement savings and utilize secure vaults to protect your investments.

These depositories have insurance coverage in place to ensure that in the extremely unlikely event of theft or damage caused by uncontrollable circumstances, your investments will be fully protected.

Additionally, Augusta stands out in the industry with numerous top ratings and reviews, including an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance. This distinguishes Augusta as a reputable and reliable company within this niche.

All things considered, we feel 100% comfortable with saying that opening up a gold IRA with Augusta Precious Metals is completely safe!

Augusta IRA Eligible Gold And Silver Bullion

The company’s website shows a wide selection of gold and silver bars and coins. Their focus again is on IRA-eligible bars and coins, but they are able to source a wide variety of precious metals.

This list is just a small example of the gold and silver coins/bars offered:

By now in this Augusta Precious Metals review, we bet you are wondering about fees and transaction minimums, so let us look at that next.

Augusta Precious Metals IRA Fees And Pricing

If you have gone through any of the articles or guides on this site, you probably know about the various fees associated with your gold IRA. Apart from the purchase of gold and silver, the storage and custodial fees are the only other significant fees.

In addition, Augusta is able to collaborate with your preferred custodian or storage provider. It is worth mentioning that they have undertaken thorough research and evaluation of gold IRA custodians and storage options, and they recommend using the businesses listed below.

It is important to note that Augusta Precious Metals provides reimbursement of up to 10 years of fees to your IRA in the form of premium silver coins. So, don’t forget to inquire with your IRA agent regarding how much you are eligible for.

1. Gold IRA Vault Storage Fees

Augusta Precious Metals’ vault storage provider of choice is Delaware Depository.

The annual costs to have your precious metals stored with Delaware comes out to $100 annually for commingled storage for most accounts. Or $150 annually for segregated vault storage (the specific pieces of gold or silver you buy are set aside as the exact pieces you purchased and will be returned to you when taking a distribution).

Non-Segregated Storage Fees


Segregated Storage Fees


Most customers are happy with commingled vault storage, but you can discuss the pros and cons of each with your IRA Specialist. For some, the additional $50 each year for segregated storage is worth it.

2. Augusta’s Gold IRA Custodians

Augusta’s preferred self-directed IRA (SDIRA) custodian is Equity Trust. If you choose to work with Equity Trust, you can expect a one-time setup fee of $50 and an annual maintenance fee of $100.

They also have partnerships with GoldStar Trust in Texas and Kingdom Trust in Kentucky.

3. Gold IRA Annual Fees

As previously mentioned, if you choose to work with Augusta, they now cover all fees. You can also get up to 10 years of fees reimbursed to your IRA in premium silver coins.

Also, Augusta will provide robust, professional customer service for the lifetime of your account without charging any management fees of their own.

4. Augusta’s Price Guarantee

Augusta Precious Metals and similar companies source their products at wholesale bullion prices. They then mark up the price of gold and silver IRA-eligible bullion bars and coins to competitive retail prices.

Investors should note that the profit earned by Augusta is through the spread from wholesale to retail prices.

According to Augusta itself, they offer a price guarantee on all coins and competitive bullion pricing.

5. Gold And Silver Buy-Back Program

If you ever want to liquidate your account or sell any of your precious metals, we are convinced that you can be confident Augusta Precious Metals will offer a fair value for your gold and silver.

We reached out to the firm directly and they claim to have never turned down a buy-back request from any of their customers. This is part of their account lifetime commitment to their customers.

Pros And Cons Of Augusta Precious Metals



If you’re still not convinced, let’s take a look at why you may want to invest in precious metals.

Why Invest In Precious Metals?

Investors have had a very turbulent year in 2022, and hedge fund managers even predict that society would collapse globally in 2023.

A recession is on the horizon as the Fed struggles to keep inflation in check. Many Americans are shifting their money out of the stock market and into safe-haven assets, such actual gold and silver, as a result of the possibility of new stagflation.

The central banks purchased 400 tonnes of gold in 2022, the largest in over 50 years, according to the graph below from US Global Investors:

Consequently, 2023 heralds the beginning of what many predict would be a bull market for precious metals as a result of out-of-control fiscal expenditures and persistently high inflation.

2023 Gold Price Predictio

Mike McGlone, senior macro strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, believes that if gold crosses the $2,000 threshold, it will never go back. McGlone predicted that gold would climb above $2,000 and never look back if the US entered a recession in March. Based on the yield curve, he believes that America is on the verge of another cycle of economic recession. This is advantageous for gold.

A renowned commodity specialist from Saxo Bank in Denmark named Ole Hansen also forecast that gold prices might rise to an all-time high of $4000 per ounce. Ole thinks the yellow metal is poised for gains if markets decide that global inflation will continue to increase despite monetary tightening!

Last but not least, billionaires like Jeff Gundlach and Thomas Kaplan predict gold will eventually reach $3000 to $5000 per ounce. The outlook for yellow metal is positive.

Let’s now examine the benefits that precious metals can offer you.

What Precious Metals Can Do For You

Precious metals will help you:

  • Hedge against a weaker dollar and increasing inflation
  • Limit exposure to economic uncertainty
  • Mitigate the effects of geopolitical instability
  • Diminish negative fallout from the coronavirus economic crisis
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Take real ownership of your financial future

Additionally, the average retirement account is getting smaller as living expenses rise. You may learn more about how the retirement situation has worsened by watching this video featuring economist Devlyn Steele, a Harvard-trained professional. 

In unpredictable times like these, it is more crucial than ever to look to assets that can protect your funds from inflation and other economic strains.

Conclusion: Augusta Precious Metals Review

To conclude this Augusta Precious Metals review (2023), we believe that Augusta truly lives up to being one of the best and most trusted gold IRA company in the US.

With a remarkable track record, top ratings, and stellar reviews from reputable sources like the BBB, BCA, and TrustLink, Augusta stands out in the industry.

What sets them apart is their unique approach to customer education through free one-on-one web conferences conducted by Harvard-trained economist Devlyn Steele and his team. This personal touch goes beyond what competitors offer.

Additionally, Augusta is endorsed by hall of fame quarterback and multimillionaire Joe Montana, who became a customer after attending their web conference and now serves as their corporate ambassador.

Overall, Augusta Precious Metals offers a seamless and stress-free process for gold IRA rollovers or transfers, with no fees for up to 10 years. While the $50,000 account minimum may be higher than competitors, it allows Augusta to best serve customers looking to invest in gold and silver.

In summary, when considering companies for your precious metals IRA, Augusta Precious Metals should be your top choice.

We urge you to at the very least include them on your list of potential providers. Even better, why don’t you ask for your >>>2023 Gold IRA Investor Guide, and vet them for yourself?

Augusta Precious Metals Alternatives

If you want to do a little more research before deciding on a provider for your gold IRA, we have analyzed and ranked the best gold IRA companies of 2023.

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